Having trouble getting a good quality of sleep? You have to choose the right mattress for you. A suggestion that works for one may not work for the other person. Purchasing a new bed is one’s own process.

Here are some tips to consider before buying a mattress:

Is There Really a Need for a New Mattress?

  • If you are having neck or back pain, there is a need to buy a new one. Also, if your bed is a few years old already.

Does the Price Fit Your Budget?

  • Knowing and setting your budget for a new mattress is important.
  • Don’t settle with the cheapest option – Spending less than your budget may give you a higher cost in the end if you have to buy that of better quality, instead of buying the right one from the start.
  • Go with what is right within or a little bit more of your budget– There are many good options that are not that pricey. Learn about its materials. Ask away!

Choose “You”

  • Since it is you who will be using the mattress, consider all information available and choose what would suit your needs.
  • Knowing your sleeping position will determine the ideal firmness of your new bed. All of us are either:
    • Back Sleeper
    • Side Sleeper
    • Stomach Sleeper

At Kinu Bed & Bath Shop, we have: Soft Comfort, Medium Comfort, Firm Comfort Mattresses.

Anti-Virus, Ortho-Spring and Pocketed Spring Mattresses are available too!


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